The fiber sculptures can be commissioned in either silk organza, silk organza Nuno felted with wool or polyester organza. 

Polyester is more color-fast and recommended for areas that get natural light. 

 Fabric samples can be provided upon request. 

The specimens series are silk and wool sculptures stitched to linen circles that can be commissioned in many different configurations. 

The smallest is 9 inches in diameter and the largest is 19 inches. 

Small, Medium - $500 -$1,000

Large - $1,200

Originals pictured are available on

The large blue wave sculpture is made up of separate waves that are suspended or attached to a wall with hooks depending on the space.

A suspended sculpture measures approximately 3 feet in height x 7 feet in width and 4 feet in depth.

A wall-hung sculpture with 6 waves can span up to 12 feet.

Polyester organza, heat treated and custom dyed 6-wave sculpture - $16,000

Silk organza Nuno felted with wool and custom dyed 6-wave sculpture - $32,000

"Bubbles" suspended sculptures are made with hand-dyed silk or polyester organza sewn to acrylic rings in varying sizes. Ring sizes run from 2 – 8 inches. 

A configuration of 25 rings approximately covers an area of 16 x 36 inches and 50 rings can cover a span of 6 feet. 

These sculptures can be displayed vertically or horizontally. 

25 rings - $4,800

50 rings - 10,000

Painting commissions are welcome.  

24 x 24 inches - $1,152 

36 x 60 inches - $4,320

Most of my paintings are available for licensing deals. Contact me to negotiate a contract.