I was the kid that was always drawing. I wanted to create my own world. I used whatever was available to me. Scraps of fabric from my mother’s sewing, things collected from nature. I remember my mother created craft projects for my sisters and I out of crushed eggshells, colored sand, and pressed flowers. My father had a full woodshop in the basement and could fix anything. He once made a kayak in the basement and then had to cut a hole in the stairwell wall to get it out. My mother made all my clothes until I learned how to sew and started making my own. We lived on our family boat, traversing the Finger Lake region of upstate New York in the summers. My mother shoveled a part of the nearby river for us to ice skate on in the winters. Nature was my constant companion.


I am fascinated by the energy, forms, and colors found in nature. I work with paint in its fluid form and manipulate it to imitate natural occurrences such as the formation of ice, decay of natural materials, and rushing water. I am in partnership with the laws of nature when I allow the paint to run, puddle, and evaporate.

My sculptures bring to light aspects of nature’s beauty that may be overlooked. Small sculptures are stitched to linen circles like specimens and can be installed as collections. Larger components are suspended to create aerial compositions that can command a space while concurrently feeling weightless and free-floating.