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Drawing Nature

Posted by lindacelestian on August 10, 2015 in All Posts, Blog, Drawing, kids | 1 Comment

My artist friend Susan Benarcik and I were invited to be visiting artists at ACRA summer camp for kids here in Arden, DE. We brought in a lot of nature specimens for the kids to draw. At one point there were about 8 kids all heads down drawing and you could have heard a pin drop. […]

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Art Lessons

Posted by lindacelestian on June 16, 2013 in All Posts, Blog, Classes, Drawing, Painting | No Comments

Teaching art is something I sort of fell into. My kids attended Wilmington Montessori School and I ended up completing all my co-op hours in the classroom designing and executing curriculum based art projects with the kids. My daughters were there for a total of 12 years so that’s a lot of art lessons and […]

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Drawing Classes in North Wilmington, DE

Posted by Webmaster on October 28, 2011 in Blog, Classes, Drawing | No Comments

> I’ve started a new blog that gives all the details about my Saturday Art Classesthat I teach in Arden, DE. I’ll be updating this as we go along. There is still room for new students to join or drop in. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Check out the blog and please pass […]

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