Suspended Fiber Sculpture

Suspended Fiber Sculpture

In 2010, I created my first fiber sculpture using Nuno felted, hand-dyed silk organza. To make this unique fabric, wool fibers are laminated onto silk with warm, soapy water and agitation. 

I loosely lay the wool on the silk, douse it with warm soapy water, cover it in bubble wrap, and then roll it repeatedly. The bubble wrap aids in the process by working the wool fibers through to the backside of the silk where they matt to themselves. As a final step, I throw the piece on a hard surface to shrink the wool and crinkle the silk. 

After felting, I use my "puddle dyeing" method. I crinkle the fabric up in a pile, pour on diluted dye, and let it evaporate. This process creates beautiful striations of color, that can't be replicated with traditional dyeing methods.

The fabric is steamed, cut, and sewn into wave-like forms with hidden seams that house wire. 

Each wave is suspended separately, reacting to the placement of the others to form what I call a "gesture." The piece can be reconfigured to create different gestures and overall moods.