Abstract Painting

In 2006 my work made a transition from representational to abstract. Such a transition is similar to growing your hair out there are definitely some awkward stages. The thing I’ve learned though is that all the same principles apply to abstract painting as to representational painting. These principles would be the basic elements of art, line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture, and composition. You can notice similar color schemes in my old and new work and how much it still looks like subjects from nature. My work has gone through many transitions including the change from oil paint to acrylic which I now use.

Here is my work as a representational artist in 2005.

Down and Out 02


DAy of lillies



Here is the work transitioning in 2006 -2010

Field Alive 07

Trees in the Forest 07

Summer Light

Relections 07

Ocean Over Me


And my work now, 2015.




Tidal Wave Large

I Feel So Free

Ocean Blues


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