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In the Studio – New Work

Posted by lindacelestian on March 30, 2017 in All Posts, Blog, New Work | 4 Comments

A while back I was the recipient of a mini grant through Blick Art Supplies in partnership with InLiquid Art and Design. Here are the supplies I purchased with the grant and below is my proposal. I was given more spray paint for Christmas from my family gift exchange. So exciting, look at these colors! My proposal: I […]

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In the Studio – Painting on Dura-lar

In the studio I’ve been working on Dura-lar with acrylic paint. It’s a translucent surface that’s similar to Mylar. I’m working on both sides and really playing with all different ways of applying and removing paint. I’ve poured the paint, spray painted with and without stencils. I’ve used a brush to apply paint and then when it’s dry scratched […]

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Inspiration – Graffiti

Posted by lindacelestian on October 8, 2015 in All Posts, Blog | No Comments

I find graffiti to be beautiful. Yes, it’s true it’s technically vandalism but the results of many people spraying in one place over and over creates a beautiful layered abstract painting. To understand one’s motivation to tag a surface, I guess we could actually go all the back to the cave paintings. Humans have an inherent desire […]

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