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Abstract Painting

In 2006 my work made a transition from representational to abstract. Such a transition is similar to growing your hair out there are definitely some awkward stages. The thing I’ve learned though is that all the same principles apply to abstract painting as to representational painting. These principles would be the basic elements of art, […]

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In the Studio

I’ve been painting! Here are a few process photos showing you what went into the making of a recently finished large oil painting. First I stretch and prime my own canvases. This was actually back in April, you can see I’m wearing a sweater and scarf.     In the case of this painting I […]

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The Centre for Vibrant Living

I’m showing some work at The Centre for Vibrant Living in Kennett Square, PA for the months of June and July. I have a few photos to share but they don’t show everything as the lighting wasn’t set before I left. I created new small layered acrylic paintings on Plexiglas for a window installation. Pretty […]

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Inspiring Artist

Posted by lindacelestian on December 21, 2011 in Blog, Oil Painting | No Comments

I caught a show of Pat Steir‘s paintings in November at the Locks Gallery. I’ve been aware of work for years but it was a pleasure to see it in person. Her paintings are similar to mine because they are made with thinned down oil paint that is poured. The scale of some of them […]

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New Work

Posted by lindacelestian on October 24, 2011 in Blog, New Work, Oil Painting, Painting | No Comments

Grounded, 48 x 46 inches I’ve finished three of the large paintings. One still alludes me. Oh and I might still work on the green one. One area is still bothering ing me, ugh. I should have listened to Drew and left it alone when he told me to. I wish there was a back […]

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