Inspiring Artist / Mary Fischer

Posted by lindacelestian on May 23, 2016 in All Posts, Blog, Inspiring artist

Whenever I’m in Philly I try to get to the Snyderman – Works Galleries on 303 Cherry Street in Old City. I somehow missed their fiber show, what a shame. I did come upon some ceramic works by Mary Fischer that were captivating. She makes these beautiful little structures with glazed wonky line work on all the joints and other details that make them look like drawings. I love how she makes 3 dimensional objects read as little sketches from an artist’s sketchbook. It’s probably a lot of work to make things not square but have them meet up just right so they hold together. These pieces are  included in the show called Edifice that is up through May 11th.

Mary Fischer Tower%201

Mary Fischer U shaper house

Mary Fischer Rock House

Mary Fischer 1

Mary Fischer 2




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