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Nespoon 4

I’m in love with the work of Polish street artist Nespoon. She uses traditional lace patterns to beautify decrepit city walls and other found surfaces. She researches lace work from whatever country she is working in and says “In every lace we can find a universal aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony. Is it not that which we all are looking instinctively for?”

She uses actual lace from local women’s work to create web-like installations.


She uses the lace to imprint clay and patch found holes.

Nespoon 3

The lace patterns inspire her large murals.

Nespoon 1

She strikes a nice balance between the grungy surfaces and the delicate filigree patterns she imposes on them. She calls them “urban jewelry” and feels they bring harmony to an otherwise chaotic place.

Her images made with stencils and spray paint seem to glow where the overspray creates a soft halo effect.

Nespoon painting

As seen in this video she doesn’t just just rely on stencils she sometimes paints these patterns free hand using a contrasting dark color to make them pop off the wall.

Nespoon, São Miguel from Enric on Vimeo.

She brings women’s work out of the linen closet giving these lace patterns a new purpose so they can be admired by many.




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