Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2015

Algae Philly
Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
(POST) continues this weekend. My work is part of the tour at Park Towne Place Apartment Homes at 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. My Ocean Blues sculpture is installed downstairs in the lobby and other sculptures are installed in one of the finished units on the 16th floor. Other InLiquid artists’ work is installed in other units also on the 16th floor. This opportunity is through InLiquid Art and Design.

If you follow my Linda Celestian Artist page on Facebook you have already seen the images of my installation so I decided to show a little of what went into the making of the new pieces.

I had some white pieces that turned a bit gray over time which was just the push I needed to dye them. On my Instagram account I was sharing my inspiration from nature that gave me the confidence to use new colors.

leaves 2

silk colors

coral reef new color




What’s interesting is although some of the work is bright and other pieces are natural and muted, it all works together beautifully. I guess Mother Nature really knows what she’s doing.

Green Algae

rusty gate 2

rusty objects

Rust dyeing produces beautifully rich colors. You can read about the process here.

cups felted


nature inspiration

yellow silk sculpture





mushroom up close


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  1. Carol
    October 13, 2015

    Awesome! Wish that I could see it in person!

  2. Sue Addison
    October 14, 2015

    Lin, I really love your new pieces! Great work!


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