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Last week I finished 2 new fiber pieces to enter into a juried show. Both pieces had parts that were already made I just needed to follow through on my ideas to make them finished sculptures. In the case of the fungus sculpture below I dyed the sewn, nuno felted silk parts and stitched them to some painted linen that is sewn on a round piece of wire. Something about the perfect circle contrasts nicely with the organic growth of the fungus. It reminds me of a cut down tree which is where fungus can grow. My artist friend Susan Benarcik told me it reminds her of looking through a microscope and I like that idea as well.




The second piece is something I started a long time ago and decided to add more to. It’s one of those things that I could just keep adding to but for now it’s done. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completion feels good and these sculptures can easily be packed up and sent out to shows.



I also made a heart garland for my living room. I spray mounted silver wrapping paper onto both sides of a piece of poster board and cut out hearts. I doodled with white paint marker on some and left some plain. After punching holes and adding wired ribbon I added them to a long piece of skinny white ribbon. Using wired ribbon for the hearts means you can give them a little twist to keep them in place on the line when it’s hung up.








You can watch a video tutorial here on my other blog Paper Wood Paint of one I made last year with scraps of wrapping paper from Christmas.



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  1. Sue Addison
    February 4, 2015

    It’s great to see what you have been working on! I even like the wintery scene outside your window. That is a great place to decorate for the seasons.


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