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While I was at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina studying Public Art our class had the incredible fortune to visit the studio of Hoss Haley. What a down to earth amazing artist this southern gentleman is. IMG_0950

A sculptor working in metal, Hoss makes pieces for galleries and public settings.

10_Haley_Warped Grid

Toric Warped Grid

Erratic Union #2

Erratic Union No 2

Hoss Haley Cycle1

His works have beautiful curvilinear lines. He makes recycled washing machines look like crumpled up paper. Here’s one of his cast offs at his studio.



He was working on the fabrication of a 40 feet tall steel sculpture for the Charlotte airport. He took us through his entire process from sketches to models and final proposals. He showed us a massive press needed to bend the end pieces of this sculpture to create the soft edges he’s known for. Here’s one of his models of the piece.


Here is a just a couple parts of the sculpture at full scale outside his studio.


I snapped this picture while he was demonstrating how he makes his drawings by scratching through paint on metal.


I found out from his website that he also makes drawing machines. How cool is that?

Hoss Haley Drawing Machine in use

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