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Teaching art is something I sort of fell into. My kids attended Wilmington Montessori School and I ended up completing all my co-op hours in the classroom designing and executing curriculum based art projects with the kids. My daughters were there for a total of 12 years so that’s a lot of art lessons and projects. I always thought I’d put some of those projects in a book but my life hasn’t slowed down enough to do that. I do still teach though. Presently it’s in my little home studio. I have adults and kids that come every week and are all doing amazing work.

Nathan working in pencil.

Pencil Drawing  Nathan’s finished pencil drawing.


Here is a finished colored pencil drawing also by Nathan who is 10 years old.IMG_8853IMG_8854


Here is Stefan working on his colored pencil portrait of  George Harrison. He’s a Beatles fanatic. Challenging work but it came out awesome and is pretty impressive for a 13 year old.


Now he’s working on a landscape painting.


Then there is Brittany who’s work is impeccable. She’s a sophomore in high school and fits weekly private lessons into her busy schedule.


Check out my website Art Lessons Delaware if you want to see more examples of lessons. Prices and contact information are available there.


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