Inspiring Artist

Studio Drift Shylight-1024x683In this case it’s 2 inspiring artists, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift a design studio in Amsterdam. here’s their philosophy excerpted from their website.

At Studio Drift, we are always looking to express things in our work that are the miracles that already surround us in nature. People are so focused on their busy digital worlds that they find very little time to look at the world as it actually is. So much of what mankind does is about mimicking nature or attempting to over-rule it. In our view, neither is possible.

The projects we produce at Studio Drift are designed to establish a point of balance between information overload and human sensibility. Our goal is to create a dialogue between nature and technology, a perfect combination of knowledge and intuition, science fiction and nature, fantasy and interactivity.

Their work wins many awards and just boggles the mind. Watch this video of their installation called SHYLIGHT and you’ll see what I mean.



Their work involves new technologies and light. FLYLIGHT is an interactive light installation that is programed to mimic the behavior of a flock of birds.

If you follow the link to their website there is more including a piece using real dandelions and a video interview.

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