Inspiring Artist


Peter Gentenaar  is a sculptor working in the medium of paper. How is it that I was unaware of this artist until now? Sometimes things come to you at the perfect moment when you need them. While struggling with my new silk creations I searched the internet for sculptures that spoke to me and I found these beauties.

In 2009, 100 of these sculptures were hung in the Abby Church in Saint Riguier, Picardie, France. Where would one store 100 paper sculptures anyway?



I love his colors and his forms. He works initially 2 dimensionally with a bamboo frame that is layered with his special long fiber, colored paper pulp. As the paper pulp dries and shrinks the forms take shape. The natural process is not unlike a leaf that dries and curls up. Hence the reason the shapes are so beautifully organic and graceful.


The fact that he incorporates some of his pieces with silk dresses to be worn makes me even more intrigued.


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