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Posted by lindacelestian on February 21, 2011 in All Posts, Blog, Inspiring artist, Silk Sculpture

Linda Hutchins is an artist that makes beautiful hand sewn organza sculptures.


Memory of the Dance




Egg, Cup, Hammer


Jade Plant

Here’s an excerpt from her website: Over time, I have distilled my materials and methods to a spare, minimal aesthetic. I use hand-sewn organza to explore the effects of cumulative process in three dimensions. I use hand-drawn line as a basic element to reveal the nature of repetition itself. Dualities between full and empty, convex and concave, right and left, and sensual and cerebral have surfaced as a result. Line is the device that recurs throughout. It is a connector, a separator, a marker of boundaries, a spiraling circularity, and a thread that prevails.

Although her thought process is different from mine I admire the patience that goes into her work. This is a piece I made over a year ago that I’m in the process of trying to duplicate. Every step in the making of it has to be approached slowly and methodically. The process is very meditative, which is nice.


Rain Drop

There’s one week left to catch my show Waterways at the DCCA in Wilmington.

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