My Accessories

I just updated my inventory of accessories in my online store. Here is a sampling below, all the details are on my store page. I also have new pieces at the Alternatives Gift Shop at the Delaware Contemporary, including many with feathers. It’s a great place to shop for one of a kind, handmade gifts for everyone on your list.

My painting pendants are reversible so you get 2 original paintings under glass. It’s like 2 gifts for the price of one. They each come with a coordinating 16 inch leather cord necklace.

Here we have a holiday theme with black, red and a little gold spray paint.


This is the reverse side.


Silver spray paint and paint marker on one side.


Reverse side has peach and hot pink against a wine background.


This one is real snakeskin, it’s not reversible so you can see through it.


Here are some purples and blues with a misty white spray paint pattern on one side.


and on the reverse side, greens and yellows.


Both of these rust dyed silk, cuff bracelets are listed in my online store. Along with some other bright colored cuff bracelets.


Place your order before 12:00 pm and it will ship the same day. See more listings and order directly from my store. Click on categories at the top of the first store page to see all the options in that category. Happy Holidays!

In the Studio

I have been working steadily on new paintings over the past few months. The challenge for me right now is my studio space. It’s small with just one 5 x 5 foot table. That means I have to work on one thing at a time which is just not how I like to work at all. I like to work on sculpture and paintings at the same time as they inform each other. A new finished painting might be the inspiration for a new sculpture and visa versa. I guess that’s how they come together as one body of work.



I’m realizing maybe I need to split the week up or even the days. Fiber work for half the day and pouring paint the other half. That is if the poured paint dries by the next morning. I’ve been know to nuno felt on my kitchen table. My family isn’t crazy about wool fibers floating around their food but it just might come to that in the next few months. Here are some things I’ve been working on lately.

new sculpture




Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2015

Algae Philly
Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
(POST) continues this weekend. My work is part of the tour at Park Towne Place Apartment Homes at 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. My Ocean Blues sculpture is installed downstairs in the lobby and other sculptures are installed in one of the finished units on the 16th floor. Other InLiquid artists’ work is installed in other units also on the 16th floor. This opportunity is through InLiquid Art and Design.

If you follow my Linda Celestian Artist page on Facebook you have already seen the images of my installation so I decided to show a little of what went into the making of the new pieces.

I had some white pieces that turned a bit gray over time which was just the push I needed to dye them. On my Instagram account I was sharing my inspiration from nature that gave me the confidence to use new colors.

leaves 2

silk colors

coral reef new color




What’s interesting is although some of the work is bright and other pieces are natural and muted, it all works together beautifully. I guess Mother Nature really knows what she’s doing.

Green Algae

rusty gate 2

rusty objects

Rust dyeing produces beautifully rich colors. You can read about the process here.

cups felted


nature inspiration

yellow silk sculpture





mushroom up close


Silk Sculpture Installation

I installed my blue silk sculpture “The Ocean’s Whisper to Me” last week in the newly renovated Park Towne Place Apartments in Philadelphia. It was a new experience for me to be installing artwork in the middle of a construction site. Hard hats were required although maybe not necessary. It was scary though, especially when one artist was leaving and backed into a huge ditch. Luckily there were plenty of large pieces of equipment on hand to pull his truck out of the hole in the road and send him on his merry way. It was a bit surreal and I had to somehow stay focused on the job at hand, coming up with an installation that looked stunning from 3 sides. No problem, right? I was sweating a little near the end, not sure if I liked it but knowing it would take too long to do it all over. Here’s how it looks, kind of cool with a marble wall behind it. I had to Photoshop out all kinds of construction things from the background, you can still see the blue dumpster outside.

Blue Ocean PTP 2

Blue Ocean PTP 3

Ocean Blues PTP 3

Below is my favorite view. The picture is taken from the far corner of the room. Hopefully this view will be noticed through the glass windows as you are approaching the building.

Blue Ocean PTP

Silk Sculpture Installation

My silk sculptures Algae Bloom and Coral Reef Forms have been re-worked and are currently installed at NINObrand Atelier  at 333 S. 20th Street in Philadelphia.

Algae Bloom, Silk Sculpture

Algae Bloom, Silk Sculpture

NINObrand’s designer Bela Shehu creates beautiful modern, classic clothing and accessories for her discerning clientele. Bela works with a minimal palette of black, white, and neutrals. The green silk is an apropos addition in the window that signals the arrival of summer.  On the opposing wall white forms organically arranged are reminiscent of coral reef and fungus growths.

NINObrand Installation


Coral Reef and Fungus Forms


Coral Reef and Fungus Forms

Coral Reef and Fungus Forms

One gold flourish deftly accents an open expanse.

NINObrand Installation

Gold Flourish Sculpture, Linda Celestian

Bela’s clothes and accessories are flawlessly executed in gorgeous fabrics. I’m flattered she chose to display my silk sculptures in her space. NINObrand Atelier is open by appointment only. This opportunity was made possible through InLiquid Art and Design, the source for visual art in Philadelphia and beyond. If you are a visual artist in the greater Philadelphia area you should consider becoming a member of InLiquid, they work really hard to create opportunities for visual artists to showcase their work.

In the Studio

Updates on some of my many studio projects.


I’ve listed a few of my new rust dyed silk and feather pendants and painting pendants in my online store. They are also being sold at the Alternatives Museum Store at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE.

I reworked this painting. it’s 36 x 48 inches. What do you think? Overflow

I am trying to integrate warm colors and cool colors in my compositions. For some reason I usually have paintings that are all blue or all warm golds and browns. I’m working on this new painting which also incorporates warm and cool colors together. Here I obviously have rust on the brain.


I just finished teaching Adult Abstract Painting at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington which will be repeated in the Fall (register here) and couldn’t wait to get back in my studio working.  After teaching about abstract painting and breaking it down to color, technique and composition I think I’m ready to let go of my water imagery. I know people love to know what abstract work is about or what it means or what it looks like, myself included, but it’s time for me let go of the reins a bit. I’ll see where the painting takes me. Stay tuned.