In the Studio – Painting on Dura-lar

In the studio I’ve been working on Dura-lar with acrylic paint.


It’s a translucent surface that’s similar to Mylar. I’m working on both sides and really playing with all different ways of applying and removing paint. I’ve poured the paint, spray painted with and without stencils. I’ve used a brush to apply paint and then when it’s dry scratched a drawing into it.

I photographed these pieces against a wall first and then taped to my window with light shining through. I can’t even believe how different they look and the idea intrigues me. They could be framed in layers of glass or Plexiglas and hung in a window. They would look one way during the day and completly different at night. Light is a really powerful medium and something we take for granted.

IMG_4940 IMG_4939

















It’s crazy how different they look, right?

In the Studio

Updates on some of my many studio projects.


I’ve listed a few of my new rust dyed silk and feather pendants and painting pendants in my online store. They are also being sold at the Alternatives Museum Store at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE.

I reworked this painting. it’s 36 x 48 inches. What do you think? Overflow

I am trying to integrate warm colors and cool colors in my compositions. For some reason I usually have paintings that are all blue or all warm golds and browns. I’m working on this new painting which also incorporates warm and cool colors together. Here I obviously have rust on the brain.


I just finished teaching Adult Abstract Painting at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington which will be repeated in the Fall (register here) and couldn’t wait to get back in my studio working.  After teaching about abstract painting and breaking it down to color, technique and composition I think I’m ready to let go of my water imagery. I know people love to know what abstract work is about or what it means or what it looks like, myself included, but it’s time for me let go of the reins a bit. I’ll see where the painting takes me. Stay tuned.


In the Studio

So I said I was going to post something that I made every week. I was sick last week so this is a post for 2 weeks. I finished and sent out my thank you notes. It always seems more heart felt when they’re hand made. I used a stamp my daughter Delaney made, scrapbooking paper and letter stamps.




I also finished my catalog folding. A little late. I wish I would have made it heart shaped, oh well.



In the studio I’m brushing off some old work and bringing it forward. I’m dyeing these silk and wool forms to be made into a new piece. Stay tuned.




In the Studio

First time back in the studio I played around with encaustic painting after being inspired by Robin Luciano Beaty. I ran out of a few colors and had to stop. I wasn’t really getting anything great. Maybe because the medium is so different from my usual poured oil or acrylic. I contemplated just giving it up for good. Then I placed the order for the colors I ran out of so now I’m committed. I’m too stubborn for my own good but sometimes it can really help to get out of your comfort zone for a bit. Struggle is not always a bad thing. The painter Alex Kanevsky said in an interview ” The moment something works well and is under control – is the time to give it up and try something else.”

He explains that concept in an interview – “Once you’ve got it all under control, it’s not terribly creative at this point. The painting doesn’t have a chance to talk back to you. It’s like that idea of bullfights in Spain. Both bull and matador have a chance of hurting each other. Therefore, the spectacle is interesting. Now if you just had a guy come out and have an incapacitated bull and he just kills the bull then how interesting would that be? It would just be bloody murder. So, if you keep on giving up things that you’re comfortable with and are under control, then the thing keeps being alive.”  Alex Kanevsky

More of that interview here.

My encaustic works in progress…IMG_0403


IMG_0398 IMG_0399



I will probably continue to work on these but that’s what’s so hard about the medium. It’s not easy to work just one area while holding on to something you like in another area. Usually you lose everything while trying to achieve something better than what you had. Once again that brings me to Alex Kanevsky’s work. He has an interesting technique where he reworks a painting everyday and in the final piece you can see a little bit of the other layers. The painting is a combination of all these different paintings of the same subject. He photographs the different stages of his paintings. Check it out here and here. Sometimes the changes are subtle and other times the changes are dramatic with figures coming into the painting and then leaving. It’s like a film when you click through all the iterations. Here is one of his portraits, you can see the progress sequence on his website hereBigPortrait15

and here is a Wave painting on mylar, you can see more of this series here. I saw them in Philly and they are so beautiful…

Alex Kanevsky



In the Studio

I’ve been painting! Here are a few process photos showing you what went into the making of a recently finished large oil painting. First I stretch and prime my own canvases. This was actually back in April, you can see I’m wearing a sweater and scarf.






In the case of this painting I worked many layers in acrylic to build up some texture.


Here is the acrylic under painting.

Under Painting

More layers of thinned oil paint were added until it was finished.
Perfect Storm 6-12Perfect Storm, 36 x 60 inches


These 24 x 24 inch paintings I finished pretty quickly in acrylic. I can’t explain why these came to fruition easier than some others.

Sea Spray 1, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24 inches


Sea Spray 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24 inches,


Sea Spray 3, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24 inches

I call them Sea Spray 1, 2 and 3. I might need better titles eventually, too hard to remember which is which.

I’ve also been working on small acrylic on Plexiglas paintings shown here finished and installed at The Centre for Vibrant Living in Kennett Square, PA. Some of my work is there through July 29th.

Acrylic Paintings Installed

They are actually 2 pieces of Plexiglas framed at the top and bottom with space left between the layers.


The one below is included in the upcoming 2013 Members’ Juried Group Exhibition at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE


Here’s a new one in process.



Ardens Artists Studio Tour Update

This weekend’s Ardens Artists Studio Tour was a huge success. We were so pleased that the News Journal ran a story in Friday’s newspaper and online. David Burslem working in his studioDavid Burslem working in his studio

Joy Davis in her studio

Me working on a new silk sculpture

The opening Friday night was well attended and people were shopping. Saturday and Sunday brought steady traffic at the Buzz Ware Village Center and the artists’ studios. Yeah! Being my first year I didn’t know what to expect. I was in my studio the entire time talking up a storm, like a broken record. I was exhausted but elated at the end of Sunday with 2 of my small encaustic paintings going to a new home. I met some new people, reconnected with some old friends and had wonderful conversations with many art lovers. Thanks to everyone who supported the tour by buying raffle tickets. My studio is still set up for visitors, although my work table will have to be converted back to it’s normal messy state. Leave a comment if you are interested in scheduling a visit. I have lots of accessories still available, $25-$30 range perfect for Christmas presents.