Fiber Sculptures

I’m showing some of my fiber sculptures at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington this month. This space also houses Barrel of Makers and a classroom where I teach. It’s always fun to see the  sculptures in a new space.






Thanks to everyone who came out on first Friday. If you are still interested in seeing the show stop in on the next 2 Saturdays anytime from 10-2:30 pm. I also have a Felting Workshop happening on Thursday Oct. 20th, 6-9 pm where I’ll be teaching participants how to make a felted coaster and a bowl. you can register online here.

In the Studio

I have been working steadily on new paintings over the past few months. The challenge for me right now is my studio space. It’s small with just one 5 x 5 foot table. That means I have to work on one thing at a time which is just not how I like to work at all. I like to work on sculpture and paintings at the same time as they inform each other. A new finished painting might be the inspiration for a new sculpture and visa versa. I guess that’s how they come together as one body of work.



I’m realizing maybe I need to split the week up or even the days. Fiber work for half the day and pouring paint the other half. That is if the poured paint dries by the next morning. I’ve been know to nuno felt on my kitchen table. My family isn’t crazy about wool fibers floating around their food but it just might come to that in the next few months. Here are some things I’ve been working on lately.

new sculpture




Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2015

Algae Philly
Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
(POST) continues this weekend. My work is part of the tour at Park Towne Place Apartment Homes at 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. My Ocean Blues sculpture is installed downstairs in the lobby and other sculptures are installed in one of the finished units on the 16th floor. Other InLiquid artists’ work is installed in other units also on the 16th floor. This opportunity is through InLiquid Art and Design.

If you follow my Linda Celestian Artist page on Facebook you have already seen the images of my installation so I decided to show a little of what went into the making of the new pieces.

I had some white pieces that turned a bit gray over time which was just the push I needed to dye them. On my Instagram account I was sharing my inspiration from nature that gave me the confidence to use new colors.

leaves 2

silk colors

coral reef new color




What’s interesting is although some of the work is bright and other pieces are natural and muted, it all works together beautifully. I guess Mother Nature really knows what she’s doing.

Green Algae

rusty gate 2

rusty objects

Rust dyeing produces beautifully rich colors. You can read about the process here.

cups felted


nature inspiration

yellow silk sculpture





mushroom up close


Rust Dyed Silk

I love the color of rust. Where some people see decay and crud I see beauty. When I’m hiking with friends we often come across old discarded rusty metal bits and pieces and now everyone knows to give them to me. I’ve been collecting these objects for a while now and I finally got around to doing the deed. It’s not hard and I found great directions at written by Maggie Howe.

The process takes a few days for the metal objects to leave an imprint on the fabric. Here’s how to do it. I used silk organza, I love the transparence of organza and use it for jewelry and my sculptures. I wet it with a mixture of 50%water and 50% vinegar. I let the fabric be folded over onto it’s self randomly and made sure it was soaking wet.




I laid the objects down gave it all another spritz of the water vinegar solution, covered it with plastic and weighted it down with heavy objects.



It’s important to make sure the objects are in contact with the fabric and the plastic helps to keep it wet the whole time. I checked it daily to make sure it was still wet and because I was so anxious to see how it was doing. After 3 days I removed the objects and here’s what I got. You can see the places where the fabric was folded I got a repeat of the objects imprint.




I made some soldered jewelry with feathers and matching earrings and cuffs. Some of these pieces are at the Alternatives Gift Shop at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts now. I have a few left that I plan to list in my shop next week.





Now I’m wondering what else I can dye with rusty objects!

In the Studio

Last week I finished 2 new fiber pieces to enter into a juried show. Both pieces had parts that were already made I just needed to follow through on my ideas to make them finished sculptures. In the case of the fungus sculpture below I dyed the sewn, nuno felted silk parts and stitched them to some painted linen that is sewn on a round piece of wire. Something about the perfect circle contrasts nicely with the organic growth of the fungus. It reminds me of a cut down tree which is where fungus can grow. My artist friend Susan Benarcik told me it reminds her of looking through a microscope and I like that idea as well.




The second piece is something I started a long time ago and decided to add more to. It’s one of those things that I could just keep adding to but for now it’s done. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completion feels good and these sculptures can easily be packed up and sent out to shows.



I also made a heart garland for my living room. I spray mounted silver wrapping paper onto both sides of a piece of poster board and cut out hearts. I doodled with white paint marker on some and left some plain. After punching holes and adding wired ribbon I added them to a long piece of skinny white ribbon. Using wired ribbon for the hearts means you can give them a little twist to keep them in place on the line when it’s hung up.








You can watch a video tutorial here on my other blog Paper Wood Paint of one I made last year with scraps of wrapping paper from Christmas.



Summer Paintbox Accessories

The best part about summer is wearing fun bright colors! Am I right?
Summer Colors

Sunflower, Tangerine, Grass, Cerise and Wheat are some new color ways for my silk cuff bracelets. Also new is the 1.5 inch silk cuff. Check out the new items here. Order by release date to see the newly added pieces.



Tons of new glass painting pendant available too!IMG_0340

Glass Painting Pendant