In the Studio

Updates on some of my many studio projects.


I’ve listed a few of my new rust dyed silk and feather pendants and painting pendants in my online store. They are also being sold at the Alternatives Museum Store at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE.

I reworked this painting. it’s 36 x 48 inches. What do you think? Overflow

I am trying to integrate warm colors and cool colors in my compositions. For some reason I usually have paintings that are all blue or all warm golds and browns. I’m working on this new painting which also incorporates warm and cool colors together. Here I obviously have rust on the brain.


I just finished teaching Adult Abstract Painting at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington which will be repeated in the Fall (register here) and couldn’t wait to get back in my studio working.  After teaching about abstract painting and breaking it down to color, technique and composition I think I’m ready to let go of my water imagery. I know people love to know what abstract work is about or what it means or what it looks like, myself included, but it’s time for me let go of the reins a bit. I’ll see where the painting takes me. Stay tuned.


New Paintbox Cuffs

Introducing my new line of Paintbox Cuffs. Inspired by the colors of nature, translated with paint and dye into wearable accessories to brighten your day.
All the colors of nature's paintbox

All the colors of nature’s paintbox

Merlot Cuff


Sky Cuff



Purple Mountain Cuff

Purple Mountains

Ocean Surf Cuff

Ocean Surf



Ruby Cuff


Gold Nugget Cuff

Gold Nugget



Accessories Update

I have been working on making accessories here and there and a few have made it to my etsy shop. I hope to add more soon.

I’m also happy to say that I have new Spring/Summer accessories in 3 local shops.


Felt Bracelets-32Here are some recent things in Summer colors.

Felt Bracelets-28

Felt Bracelets-23