In the Studio – New Work

A while back I was the recipient of a mini grant through Blick Art Supplies in partnership with InLiquid Art and Design. Here are the supplies I purchased with the grant and below is my proposal.

I was given more spray paint for Christmas from my family gift exchange. So exciting, look at these colors!

My proposal:

I have been an artist my entire life but sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time. I ask myself why is it so hard for artists to make a living making art? Artists are without a doubt undervalued in our society. This is the same society that pays NFL athletes an average yearly salary of 1.9 million. These facts curtail the development of some artists. Without the market to sell their work artists stop striving to innovate and literally stop creating new work.

I aspire to create public art as architectural glass installed in buildings to inspire and enhance the lives of many. To achieve such a lofty goal first I need to work through many ideas and create a lot of work. Secondly I need to get this work seen by the public.

I am proposing to make art and give it all away for free. I’ll be working on Dur-a-lar or acetate with liquid acrylics, acrylic inks and spray paint to make pieces that when hung on a window look different depending on lighting. They also look different whether they are viewed from the front or back. After I make the work I’ll share it on social media and then hide it in public places for people to find. If you find it it’s yours and you can keep it or pass it on. Using the hash tag #ifoundfreeart on Instagram people can share where they found it and where it will be displayed. I’m proposing this project to demonstrate the power of art to inspire, enhance lives and build community.

That’s what I wrote and now I’m in the process of making the work. Next will be the fun part of giving it away. I still have to work out how that will actually play out.


In January or February I started with some small experiments. I used pours something I know, along with hand made stencils and some found objects used as stencils. I work on separate layers of clear acetate and frosted Duralar so things can be moved around until something works. All the while I’m holding them up to allow light  come through them like stain glass. To photograph them I either tape them to the window or put them on my light box. I started posting them almost every day on Instagram as a way to push myself to work even if I only have a half hour. It’s amazing what is happening here. I have a whole new visual language developing. Here are some of them and some process shots as well.










Color Palette

A few weeks ago I taught the first in a series of Abstract Painting Workshops at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington, DE. The next ones are Feb. 7th and March 6th, 1-4 pm if you’re interested. Here’s a blog post about the workshop and the student’s work. The focus of the workshop was color. It’s a fun place to start. Black and white can be very powerful but it’s color that moves me. I had the students choose one color and mix tints and tones of that color and it’s compliment to work with.

Complimentary colors are colors across the color wheel from each other. Orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple are complimentary colors. Here are some complimentary color combinations in my work and other artist’s work.

My student’s work in Yellow/Purple and Blue/Orange



More Blue/Orange:

Linda Celestian Awash 09Linda Celestian,  Awash, 48 x 46 inches, oil on canvas

Linda Celestian Perfect Storm 6-12Linda Celestian, Perfect Storm, 36 x 60 inches, oil on canvas

Eternal-Dawn Paul BennettPaul Bennettcarol nelson abstract artCarol Nelson

Yin_Yang_48_x_54_Maitland_2011Virginia Maitland


Linda Celestian FleetingLinda Celestian, Fleeting, 36 x 60 inches, oil on canvas

Contemporary UnknownContemporary Unknown

Kenneth Noland


Kenneth Noland red imageKenneth Noland




Abstract Painting

In 2006 my work made a transition from representational to abstract. Such a transition is similar to growing your hair out there are definitely some awkward stages. The thing I’ve learned though is that all the same principles apply to abstract painting as to representational painting. These principles would be the basic elements of art, line, shape, form, space, value, color, texture, and composition. You can notice similar color schemes in my old and new work and how much it still looks like subjects from nature. My work has gone through many transitions including the change from oil paint to acrylic which I now use.

Here is my work as a representational artist in 2005.

Down and Out 02


DAy of lillies



Here is the work transitioning in 2006 -2010

Field Alive 07

Trees in the Forest 07

Summer Light

Relections 07

Ocean Over Me


And my work now, 2015.




Tidal Wave Large

I Feel So Free

Ocean Blues