Skillshare Class

I just published my third class on The class is called Understanding Value and the project is to paint a box. This is the first lesson I teach my students and I think it will be helpful for artists of all levels.

Use this link to my class to sign up and get 3 free months of Skillshare. I’ll receive a referral fee if you use my class link. There are literally thousands of classes offered in Design, Business, Technology, Photography , Film, Writing, Crafts and Culinary with excellent teachers. I couldn’t recommend more. I’m still using my membership you sharpen my Photoshop skills.

Check out the introduction to my class and see what you think.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. When you set up a box with direct lighting you will see 3 distinct values. I’ll show you how to mix these values and paint a box that looks like it’s going to pop right off the page. If you apply this lesson to your painting whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned artist you will see a huge improvement in your work. My abstract paintings use the understanding of value to create space and the illusion that something is coming towards you.

Skillshare – Painting Landscapes

I finally published my second Skillshare class, Painting Landscapes on You can join for $0.99 for 3 months and check it out in it’s entirety here. Above is the introduction that I shared on my Youtube channel.

I worked really hard to take the mystery out of painting landscapes. Value is the most important thing to understand when painting successful landscapes. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. Some teachers don’t explain this they just tell you the sky is blue and the trees are green.

I start with how to choose a subject to paint. This is the photograph I use.

photo-landscapeI go over the supplies needed.

supplies layout on your painting surface, mixing colors

mixing-colors and painting

painting-landscapes-painting It’s easy when you break it down.

Here’s my finished painting.

I’d love for you to check it out so I’m sharing the link again here where you can sign up for 3 months of Skillshare for $0.99. After you join you can take as many classes as you like. I used Skillshare to learn Photoshop and I can’t tell you how much that’s changed my life. It’s always exciting to add a new skill to your toolbox.


New Painting Video


I just finished editing a new time-lapse painting video of my painting Earthly. Sometimes I set up the camera and film my pours but it usually takes me months to get around to editing. I love watching them when it’s all said and done. Weeks worth of work colapsed into 6 minutes.

The painting is 36 x 60 inches on stretched and primed canvas and currently on view in my show Fluent at the Mezzanine Gallery in the Carvel State Office Building, Wilmington, DE.

In the Studio – Painting on Dura-lar

In the studio I’ve been working on Dura-lar with acrylic paint.


It’s a translucent surface that’s similar to Mylar. I’m working on both sides and really playing with all different ways of applying and removing paint. I’ve poured the paint, spray painted with and without stencils. I’ve used a brush to apply paint and then when it’s dry scratched a drawing into it.

I photographed these pieces against a wall first and then taped to my window with light shining through. I can’t even believe how different they look and the idea intrigues me. They could be framed in layers of glass or Plexiglas and hung in a window. They would look one way during the day and completly different at night. Light is a really powerful medium and something we take for granted.

IMG_4940 IMG_4939

















It’s crazy how different they look, right?

Abstract Painting


I’ll be teaching another Abstract Painting Workshop at Highlands Art Garage on February 7th, 1-4 pm. The focus of the first workshop was Color this upcoming one will focus on mark-making. Mark-making is something you hear a lot about but might not truly understand how important it is in an abstract painting. Abstract means without representation. So if you’re not describing something like a sunset or a flower petal with your brushstrokes then what are you supposed to be doing with the paint? Abstract art has the ability to communicate at a deeper level than a representation painting can. It can make a person feel something that is universal and may not even be able to be described by words alone. That’s the power of abstract art.

The workshop participants will explore lots of mark making tools and techniques to learn a vocabulary of marks. Each kind of mark can describe and communicate different ideas and moods. Large brushes make different marks than small brushes do. You can paint with palette knives that come in different sizes. Paint companies make different texturing tools that can be used different ways. You can find lots of unconventional tools at the hardware or dollar store.  You can pour the paint like I do. Combining certain materials create natural occurring marks, like dripping turpenoid into wet acrylic paint. It’s important to explore these things to develop a language to express yourself. It’s similar to a toddler learning language.




Drips and SplattersIMG_4701

Marks from printing

Poured PaintIMG_4699

Sponge BrushIMG_4693

Hair Pick and BrushIMG_4694

Squeegee IMG_4695



You can find lots of unconventional tools at the hardware or dollar store also. Last workshop we explored the marks that occur from printing. You can pour the paint like I do. Combining certain materials create natural occurring marks, like dripping turpenoid into wet acrylic paint. It’s important to explore these things to develop a language to express yourself. It’s similar to a toddler learning language. They get frustrated less as they gain more language skills and learn how to ask for exactly what they want. In the workshop we will work on painted papers that can be used to collage with when learning about composition which will be the next Abstract Painting workshop on March 6th. If you’re interested in joining in on this journey of discovery register at Highlands Art Garage, Wilmington, DE.

Color Palette

A few weeks ago I taught the first in a series of Abstract Painting Workshops at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington, DE. The next ones are Feb. 7th and March 6th, 1-4 pm if you’re interested. Here’s a blog post about the workshop and the student’s work. The focus of the workshop was color. It’s a fun place to start. Black and white can be very powerful but it’s color that moves me. I had the students choose one color and mix tints and tones of that color and it’s compliment to work with.

Complimentary colors are colors across the color wheel from each other. Orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple are complimentary colors. Here are some complimentary color combinations in my work and other artist’s work.

My student’s work in Yellow/Purple and Blue/Orange



More Blue/Orange:

Linda Celestian Awash 09Linda Celestian,  Awash, 48 x 46 inches, oil on canvas

Linda Celestian Perfect Storm 6-12Linda Celestian, Perfect Storm, 36 x 60 inches, oil on canvas

Eternal-Dawn Paul BennettPaul Bennettcarol nelson abstract artCarol Nelson

Yin_Yang_48_x_54_Maitland_2011Virginia Maitland


Linda Celestian FleetingLinda Celestian, Fleeting, 36 x 60 inches, oil on canvas

Contemporary UnknownContemporary Unknown

Kenneth Noland


Kenneth Noland red imageKenneth Noland