In the Studio

I have been working steadily on new paintings over the past few months. The challenge for me right now is my studio space. It’s small with just one 5 x 5 foot table. That means I have to work on one thing at a time which is just not how I like to work at all. I like to work on sculpture and paintings at the same time as they inform each other. A new finished painting might be the inspiration for a new sculpture and visa versa. I guess that’s how they come together as one body of work.



I’m realizing maybe I need to split the week up or even the days. Fiber work for half the day and pouring paint the other half. That is if the poured paint dries by the next morning. I’ve been know to nuno felt on my kitchen table. My family isn’t crazy about wool fibers floating around their food but it just might come to that in the next few months. Here are some things I’ve been working on lately.

new sculpture




In the Studio – Painting on Dura-lar

In the studio I’ve been working on Dura-lar with acrylic paint.


It’s a translucent surface that’s similar to Mylar. I’m working on both sides and really playing with all different ways of applying and removing paint. I’ve poured the paint, spray painted with and without stencils. I’ve used a brush to apply paint and then when it’s dry scratched a drawing into it.

I photographed these pieces against a wall first and then taped to my window with light shining through. I can’t even believe how different they look and the idea intrigues me. They could be framed in layers of glass or Plexiglas and hung in a window. They would look one way during the day and completly different at night. Light is a really powerful medium and something we take for granted.

IMG_4940 IMG_4939

















It’s crazy how different they look, right?

In the Studio

Updates on some of my many studio projects.


I’ve listed a few of my new rust dyed silk and feather pendants and painting pendants in my online store. They are also being sold at the Alternatives Museum Store at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE.

I reworked this painting. it’s 36 x 48 inches. What do you think? Overflow

I am trying to integrate warm colors and cool colors in my compositions. For some reason I usually have paintings that are all blue or all warm golds and browns. I’m working on this new painting which also incorporates warm and cool colors together. Here I obviously have rust on the brain.


I just finished teaching Adult Abstract Painting at Highlands Art Garage in Wilmington which will be repeated in the Fall (register here) and couldn’t wait to get back in my studio working.  After teaching about abstract painting and breaking it down to color, technique and composition I think I’m ready to let go of my water imagery. I know people love to know what abstract work is about or what it means or what it looks like, myself included, but it’s time for me let go of the reins a bit. I’ll see where the painting takes me. Stay tuned.


In the Studio

Last week I finished 2 new fiber pieces to enter into a juried show. Both pieces had parts that were already made I just needed to follow through on my ideas to make them finished sculptures. In the case of the fungus sculpture below I dyed the sewn, nuno felted silk parts and stitched them to some painted linen that is sewn on a round piece of wire. Something about the perfect circle contrasts nicely with the organic growth of the fungus. It reminds me of a cut down tree which is where fungus can grow. My artist friend Susan Benarcik told me it reminds her of looking through a microscope and I like that idea as well.




The second piece is something I started a long time ago and decided to add more to. It’s one of those things that I could just keep adding to but for now it’s done. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completion feels good and these sculptures can easily be packed up and sent out to shows.



I also made a heart garland for my living room. I spray mounted silver wrapping paper onto both sides of a piece of poster board and cut out hearts. I doodled with white paint marker on some and left some plain. After punching holes and adding wired ribbon I added them to a long piece of skinny white ribbon. Using wired ribbon for the hearts means you can give them a little twist to keep them in place on the line when it’s hung up.








You can watch a video tutorial here on my other blog Paper Wood Paint of one I made last year with scraps of wrapping paper from Christmas.



In the Studio

So I said I was going to post something that I made every week. I was sick last week so this is a post for 2 weeks. I finished and sent out my thank you notes. It always seems more heart felt when they’re hand made. I used a stamp my daughter Delaney made, scrapbooking paper and letter stamps.




I also finished my catalog folding. A little late. I wish I would have made it heart shaped, oh well.



In the studio I’m brushing off some old work and bringing it forward. I’m dyeing these silk and wool forms to be made into a new piece. Stay tuned.




Poured Acrylic Painting Video

I just finished editing a video of my painting process that shows the making of a painting from start to finish. This piece is based on the beauty of ice. Even though everyone is sick of ice and snow here on the East Coast I hope you enjoy watching this time lapse video of Ice Ice Baby!