Artist Statement

My paintings and sculpture pay homage to nature, and my childhood spent immersed in it. Growing up in upstate New York, my summers were spent living on the water with my family in a 31-foot boat. My father’s love of being on the water and living in nature was passed down to me.

I work with paint in its fluid form inspired by, aerial photography, the ocean, lakes of my childhood, and the creek in my neighborhood. I’m in partnership with the laws of nature. I allow the paint to run and puddle forming river like patterns that emulate the earth’s surface. The correlation between these imaginary waterways and our own circulatory system illustrates the connection between earth and mankind.

My silk sculptures are flowing expressions of natural elements and natural formations with the intention of bringing the power and beauty of nature inside. With their use of vibrant colors they give a feeling of optimistic grandeur. I view nature as a metaphor for human experiences and emotional states of being.

Nature is influx, constantly changing and I try to capture that feeling in my work. I’m interested in depicting the energy of life force found in nature to elicit an emotional response.

My repertoire is expanding to include observations of the macro and micro worlds of nature. Sunsets, fallen trees, fungus, weeds, and patterns created by wind and rain are embraced and honored.